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Sometimes when you gutter system is coming loose from the fascia, has holes or cracks, it rattling in wind and rain storms, it needs more than just a small section replaced. Remember that aluminum and steel gutters, which are the most common, have a useful life of about 25 years. While copper has a life of closer to 50 years, most homeowners do not have copper gutters. 

When you are having any of these issues with your gutter system, there are three main questions you need to ask in order to make a proper assessment for gutter replacement. 

  1. How old are the gutters, and are you approaching the 25 year anniversary? If the answer is yes, there is a good chance that making minor repairs will only get you a couple more seasons of life out of your system. If your gutters are at the end of their useful life, and you are not in a position to do a full replacement, that’s ok. Gutter Repair Roanoke will be able to get them back into a state that will give you at least another season of useful life. However, old gutters coupled with multiple problems usually means a full replacement is warranted. 

  2. Are the problems you are having isolated to one section or multiple? This is a very important part of your Gutter Replacement assessment. As outlined in Gutter Repair Roanoke VA, single or isolated sections of gutter that have issues means repair. However if you have a common problem cropping up in multiple locations, it usually means repair is necessary. 

  3. Looking for rot is a key component when assessing whether or not you need gutter replacement. There are two places that assessing deterioration is critical. The first is the gutter itself. Is the body of the gutter starting to deteriorate and go away? Nature is brutal, even just the UV rays from the sun. Eventually, things fall apart. If the gutter and or fasteners are rotting or rusting, replacement will be necessary in the near future. 

  4. Deterioration of the gutter and fasteners is important, but if the fascia board on your home, the place the gutter is connected, is becoming soft, the fascia board will need to be replaced. Often times, the fascia board becomes soft and rotten due to the lack of a drip edge on your roof. A drip edge is an L shaped piece of rubber or plastic that directs water into the gutter, preventing it from constantly dripping on the fascia. A drip edge can be installed by a roofer and secured with roofing cement and is recommended prior to replacement of your gutter system or fascia. So check your fascia. If it is soft or rotten it will need replacement. In many cases, homeowners will have a gutter system that is mid-life and can salvage the system and reaffix to the new fascia connection point. However, if it is mid-life if often time makes sense to simply install a new system to reset the lifespan. 

An important note is that most problems with fascia can be avoided with proper and frequent clean out of your gutter system. Many times, a clogged gutter will promote the growth of mold, exacerbated by the pooling or slow draining of water. That mold and moisture can spread to the fascia, weakening it over time and causing your gutter screws to become loose. 

Gutter Installation Roanoke VA can help you make the proper assessment. In many cases gutter repair is warranted, however if you do need a gutter replacement, we will give you a free estimate and can quickly have your system back in top shape. Call us today, we can’t wait to hear from you.  


If you’re researching Gutter Guards Roanoke VA, you already know how much time and hassle they can save a homeowner. Let’s explore they various types of gutter guards so we can make the best selection for your home. 

There are three primary types of gutter guards: Screen, mesh, and reverse curve. 

Screen guards are the simplest and cheapest way to keep leaves and debris out of your gutter. They are installed by simply lifting up the last row of shingles, and utilizing the shingle weight to hold them down. They are then draped over the far edge of the gutter. There are a few pitfalls with using the cheapest solution, however (not a big surprise right). The first is that peeling up the bottom shingle can sometime void your roof warranty. If you have a brand new roof, this could be a big problem. The second issue is that they are the most susceptible type of guard to being deteriorated by the sun over time and getting dislodged by heavy winds and branch strikes. 

The second most common type of gutter guard is a mesh guard. Mesh is a bit more robust that the screen type. They can be installed with a more robust flange mounted directly to the fascia and secured over the far end of the gutter. They are more expensive than the screen type, however they way they are designed to connect is more durable. The pitfalls with screen type mesh is if the contractor uses a low quality variety that is flimsy. Gutter Guards Roanoke VA uses only the highest quality and highest value mesh guards, so you don’t need to worry. Mesh gutter guards will nearly eliminate gutter debris and leaf build up, however the nature of their opening size is such that they will need to be checked annually for blockage. Seeds and small pieces of debris can clog the holes over time. This is cured by simple annual hosing. 

The final type of gutter guard is the reverse curve guard. This is by far the best gutter guard money can buy. It is more expensive than the other two types, but will far outlive them without intervention. Where screen and mesh guards simple allow water to drip through the holes, reverse curve completely covers your gutter at the same angle your roof slopes. When water pours off your roof it travels across the top of the guard and is then angled inward at the very end. The water curves back into the gutter while stick and leaves run off the top of the roof. There are no downsides to the reverse curve gutters except for price. They last longer, are more effective, and look very nice, especially to potential home buyers if you are planning on selling your home in the near future. However, the price per linear foot is more than triple that of mesh and screen and they take much more labor to properly install because they are mounted and secured with hardware. 


Gutter Guards Roanoke VA will help you assess which solution is right for your home and will give you a free estimate as always. The bottom line with gutter guards is that you can’t go wrong. Leaf and stick debris is nearly eliminated with all types, which means that days of hanging off your ladder picking through the troughs is over. What is required after gutter guards is typically just a simple annual inspection to ensure that they are continuing to function properly. The decision to made is really about longevity vs cost. We can’t wait to hear from you