GUtter repair in roanoke va


As homeowners we have a sense of how important our gutter system is, and therefore we appreciate them. The problem is that a vague sense of appreciation is typically where it stops. When you bought your first car, you knew, because your dad drilled it into your head that you had to get you oil changed every 3,000 miles without fail. 90% of us took that message that was drilled into our heads into adulthood. 

Nobody drilled into our heads how important it is to keep water away from the foundation of your home. If you’re looking at Gutter Cleaning Roanoke VA you have taken the first and very important step of realizing that your gutters need some care. If your gutters need a clean out, check out our gutter cleaning Roanoke service page

At some point, however, your gutters will need more than a cleaning. They may be in need of repair to function correctly. Let’s discuss some ways that you can identify situations where gutter simple gutter repair may be more appropriate than replacement

  1. A simple repair is warranted if the damage to your gutter is limited to small sections of the entire system. Small holes, cracks, and leaks are critically important to have repaired, as long as they are limited to small sections. If they are occurring in multiple places along your homes, you may consider the overall age of your gutters and whether a full replacement is more appropriate. 
  2. A typical gutter system will last about 25 years, similar to a roof. If you are finding yourself in need of repair, but your gutter system is approaching the end of it’s lifespan, it’s worth having Gutter Cleaning Roanoke give you a free estimate to determine if you will be facing more frequent issues in the coming seasons. 
  3. If the wind picks up and you hear rattling and banging, this is a sign that your gutters need attention and repair. The next time the wind picks up, see where the rattling is coming from. Typically it’s as simple as affixing the hangers which may have become rusted and weakened over time. 
  4. Do you have a copper gutter system? If so, replacement should always be a last option because they are so expensive. The good news is that their lifespan is at least double that of steel and aluminum systems. Because they are constructed with such long term durability, there is almost always a repair option. 
  5. Leaking connection points are also an easy repair. Usually a single section of the gutter system can be replaced, or sealant applied to stop the leak. Again, if the area of concern is limited to one or two sections, repair is typically in order. 

If you are a DIYer, make sure to use proper exterior gutter silicones for your hole and leak repair. If you are replacing a section of the gutter system, make sure that your ladder is secure and that you use the buddy system in case there is an accident. The last thing you want is to have an unintentional camp out in your back yard. Further, you will want to ensure that if the gutter is starting to become dislodged from the home structure, that you check the fascia board because in all likelihood, it will need replacement. 

A rotten fascia board, where the gutter attaches to the home, will often become rotten, especially if your roof does not have a drip edge. Driving more and more screws into it will not have the intended outcome.  

If you want to keep it simple and take the guesswork out, Gutter Repair Roanoke VA can help you make an assessment and, as always, will give you a free estimate for your job. Give us a call today for an assessment of your gutter system. We will get it back in tip top shape.