Gutter For Slab Foundation?

Do you need gutters if you have a slab foundation?

Many foundations in both Roanoke and the New River Valley are of a slab type foundation. A slab foundation is different from a traditional basement or crawlspace foundation in that it is simple a concrete slab that the house is resting on.  Many of the new construction homes and subdivisions that have popped up over the last two decades, more and more are being built on slabs. 

Slabs have one particular benefit that appeals to homeowners who have had water in basement issues. Namely, that there is not basement! Half the reason people have gutters on their home is to take the water away from the foundation and prevent basement infiltration. If that’s the case, why would anyone care about maintaining a properly functioning gutter system on a slab foundation?

There is one big reason, and it’s a really important one.  With a slab foundation, the home’s mechanical systems pass through the  foundation. So with a slab foundation you need to maintain its original integrity at all costs. 

When water pools around your slab foundation, it will undermine the concrete over time. During periods of cooling and heating, the concrete will begin to heave. Heaving will cause your pass through mechanicals to become compromised. And if your home’s plumbing becomes compromised, it will require breaking through your slab foundation to make repair. 

The bottom line is that slab foundations are susceptible to issues, just like basements are. The difference is that they take a bit longer to crop up, but when they do, they can be just as much a headache. 

The good news is that there is one simple thing you need to do to keep your slab foundation in tip top shape…keep the water away. 

If you need help with a new installation, gutter repairs or a simple cleaning, give Roanoke Gutter Cleaning Pros a call today and we will get you fixed up. We look forward to hearing from you! 

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